Run and Gun

BlockShot is the goto spot for the best competitive online multiplayer shooting experience in Hytale! Play solo or with friends, and test your skills in classic gamemodes such as TDM, FFA, DOM, CTF, etc… in our Run and Gun playlist. Compete for the top leaderboard spot in our Ranked playlist; as you progress you will face off against increasingly skilled players! If that wasn’t enough, we frequently host Seasonal Tournaments where the top players compete for exclusive trophies, cash prizes, and other goodies.


Fend of the infected horde with your friends in the Zombies gamemode. As the rounds progress, you must progress across the map, upgrade your weapons, watch each other's backs, and (of course) kick zombie butt! The most impressive playthroughs are showcased on our Zombies Leaderboards; do you have what it takes to appear on them? How many rounds can you survive?


Are you looking for a more “long term” gameplay experience? With our Apocalypse gamemode you may level up, gain skills and perks, join factions, discover hidden treasures and the horrors that guard them, and determine the fate of the post - apocalypse world. Featuring a vast, open world, hundreds of enemies (and weapons to shoot them with), endless character customization, and unique collectables: Apocalypse may steal many hours from you if you aren’t careful.

The Lab

Be the first to test out experimental gamemodes, weapons, and maps! Here at BlockShot we like to experiment, and sometimes we would like to get playtesters to judge our newest additions before the general playerbase gets ahold of it. After playing a prototype game, these playtesters may rate the changes with 👍 or 👎. Additionally, the BlockShot labs lobby features a “dropbox” where players can leave their thoughts for the developers!

The WorkShop

Do you have a great idea for a new BlockShot gamemode? Have you ever wanted to have a go at building your own map? Maybe you just wanted to mess around with a pre existing map? In the WorkShop, players can do just that! The in-house editor comes fully featured with the full selection of blocks, terrain objects, prefabs (collections of objects), spawnpoints, weapons, npcs, and more! WorkShop players may also change basic gamerules with custom scoreboards, counters, objectives, and teams. Of course there is a fun selection of mutators to choose from, including instant kill, reduced gravity, bottomless clip, randomized weapons, and many more!