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Notice, if you are staff on a external Hytale project your promotion to full staff may be limited.

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We are looking for people that are not only dedicated to hytale, but are excited to express their skills through the BlockShot project. An ideal candidate is experienced in their role, and has a sizeable portfolio of previous works to show that they can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk! Not only are we looking for talented individuals willing to volunteer their skills to our project but those who can demonstrate good work ethics as well! Hardworking, friendly and enthusiastic are words that we expect to describe any BlockShot staff member.

Your portfolio should Include any relevant previous work that you have done. There is no limit to how much you include in your portfolio. This can be anything from plugins to sketches on paper as long as it is your own work and applicable to the role you are applying for. Please include links, images gifs and/or videos as evidence for what you have done within your portfolio. If you already have a portfolio but its not in a google doc you can link it Instead, although we will look more favourably towards google doc portfolios.
Example Portfolio

Google docs are by default configured so only the creator of the document can see their contents. In order for us to access your Portfolio and hence decide upon your application we will require you to change the sharing permissions for your portfolio document. The following link will take you to our step by step guide on how to do this. If you are still unsure about how to share your portfolio then please contact a member of staff on the discord, applications without an accessible portfolio may be discarded.
Sharing Instructions