Frequently Asked Questions

The BlockShot Network, or 'BlockShot' for short, is an upcoming Hytale first-person shooter server network based in the United States. The spiritual successor of a Minecraft server by the name of 'SubioCraft', the project soon evolved into an international community Hytale project with members from not only the US, but from the UK, Europe, and as far as Australia getting involved in its development.

We are pleased to confirm that BlockShot will not be pay to win, and that all planned shop items will be 100% optional and cosmetic. We value all our players, and want to provide a competitive experience that is fair and balanced for everyone. For fairness sake, it does not make sense to lock any gameplay - altering weapons or abilities behind a paywall.

We haven't yet decided if we will include any form of lootboxes. If we do, they will only provide cosmetic items such as weapon skins, armor skins, kill messages, etc... That being said, the pool of loot and drop rates will be made available on our website. We acknowledge the fact that lootboxes can be implemented in a way that makes them scummy and unfair. We do, however, see them as beneficial for the community if done right (more like Rocket League and less like COD Black Ops 3).

We are hoping to include at least 16 maps by the time the server network has been online for 1 month. More maps will be added over time as the network expands.

Here at BlockShot we strive to be innovative and creative. We decided from the start that we don't want to blend in with the other minigames server networks out there. Creating our own BlockShot universe allows us to create something thrilling and new, borderline becoming its own game. We don't know where this path will take us, but we are definitely excited about it!

We don't know! we predict that the game will drop between late May to early July but we could be very wrong. The game could release tommorow for all we know! Questions related to Hytales development would be better aimed towards the developers at Hypixel Studio, we would love to hear what they have to say if you can get a response!

To apply for staff at the BlockShot Network you need to fill out an application form on the apply for staff page on our website. Fill out all fields with a minimum of 100 characters for the "Why me" secton and send. If you filled out your form correctly you will be notified at the top of the page.

Staff applications are usually checked on a Sunday however the time and day is not set in stone and may fluctuate. If a Sunday passes and you have not yet heard back about your application it does not mean it has been rejected.

All successful applicants will recieve the 'trial staff' role on our discord. You will be pinged and notifed about this in a staff channel congratulating you on your success. It is important to note that we will not notify unsuccessful applicants. If you have any questions about the current state of your application please contact ItzChaoZ or Trevor on the discord.

There are no set procedures or rules when evaluating who should be added to the actual staff team. Each person is evaluated individually based on dedication, effort and ability.

If you have been banned from any BlockShot services, including the hytale server network, the forums, or the discord channel, you may appeal your ban through our Ban Appeals page. NOTE: If you do not have sufficient evidence or reasoning for your ban appeal, do NOT fill out the form. A false appeal will be ignored and the punishment may be extended.